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How Double Glazing saves you money

We are constantly being told of the importance of insulating your home as a way of saving the environment, mainly through loft insulation. The government has been encouraging people to do this with grants and incentives, and letting people know how they can save money on fuel bills by ensuring their loft is protected against the cold getting in and the heat getting out. Whilst there is less information from the government and no financial assistance, it is also well established that double glazing can help in the same way; keeping heat in and cold out. This is as the extra layer of glass further insulates your home, and the glass is often stronger and thicker glass.

Fuel bills are always making the news as one of the biggest household expenses and it seems that prices are always on the rise. Wherever it is possible to reduce the amount of gas and/or electricity it is well worth the effort. Whilst new windows may seem like an expense you cannot afford, double glazing is an investment into your future in your home.

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Double glazing is also a good way of increasing the value of your home. When people are looking around to buy a home, double glazing is often seen as a very desirable asset to a new house or flat. In this case, double glazing might actually pay for itself in terms of investment.Another way that new

Another way that new double glazing can save you money is through security and insurance premiums. The additional strength and modern design of double glazed windows can deter thieves reducing your risk of becoming a victim of crime and having your expensive possessions stolen. Not only does this mean not having to replace items, but insurance companies recognise that you are a lower risk in terms of burglary and this will be reflected in the amount that you have to pay on insurance as much as locks and other security measures would.

There are a number of ways that double glazing can save you money both short and long terms, and is an investment, but they also improve the overall look of your home making it more enjoyable for you to live in.

Chartwell Wooden Windows, 02 July 2013.


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