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Why Get Double Glazing Windows?

Most new houses have double glazing these days, and more and more people are installing them into their older houses. It’s easy to simply say that there is no way that that many people can be wrong, and jump on the double glazing bandwagon, but as double glazing is an expense it is worth putting some thought into as with any other expense. Do you actually need double glazing? Most companies offering double glazing Sussex wide would, of course, argue yes, but why should you actually get double glazing?

Lower heating bills in the winter. The extra layer of glass and the vacuum in between the glass means that very little cold air gets through into your home, and hardly any heat from inside your home can get out. This means you need your heating on for less time, cutting your heating bill and making every winter a lot less expensive.
A quieter home. The extra pane of glass and the vacuum in between them can also keep some of the outside noise out, reducing noise pollution in your home. This can be especially helpful if you live on a busy road, near a railway line, in a flight path and also if you are in an area with a lot of entertainment where there are people around at unsociable hours.
An investment for your home for the future. There is a large demand for homes with double glazing Sussex wide, as people buying a home recognise the advantages of double glazing and see it as a way of saving money on bills in the long term. This means that double glazing is a highly desirable feature that people look for when buying a house, and so this addition to your home will be an investment that will increase the value of your home as opposed to something that depreciates quickly like a carpet for example.
Security. The thicker and more durable nature of double glazing makes it harder to break and so not only does it make it harder to get into, but it is a deterrent against intruders – criminals will be less likely to target your home to burgle as they know it will be harder.
Chartwell Wooden Windows, 15 August 2013.


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