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Repair rather than replacement can be a better, more cost-effective option

Repair wooden window frames
Tender loving care: wooden window frames and doors need some TLC which enables them to last for several years. Or centuries. This window, photographed by Luciezr (via Shutterstock) does need some more love.
Everything in life deserves a second chance. The same is true with wooden window frames, as well as rescue dogs and rock bands. With wooden window frames, the tiniest of problems isn’t enough to justify getting a new set of windows. A straightforward repair instead of wholesale replacement should do the trick.


Some may consider continuous maintenance of wooden window frames a bane of their life rather than a blessing. One of the joys about wooden frames is being able to make the repairs yourself. Or you could give us a bell and we’ll do the repair work for you. If the glass needs replacing, that is easy to get hold of, and there’s no shortage of places that can help.

There’s also another reason why a repair job is better than getting the set replaced: cost over time. If your wooden window frames were made before the Second World War, there’s a good chance they were built to last. For at least 100 years, due to the kind of hardwood used. A repair job could add another century to their lifespan.

If (and this is quite an ‘if’ as far as our post is concerned) you do need to replace your wooden window frames, please keep this mind: their longevity as well as environmental benefits. A modern day set of wooden windows can outlast their PVC-U equivalents if properly maintained. With PVC-U windows being prefabricated at a factory, making minor repairs can be finicky.

Whether one hundred years or a hundred days old, it is easier to undertake repair work on wooden frames. For further information, call us on 01798 815570 or send us an email enquiry. We will be delighted to help you.

Chartwell Wooden Windows, 12 May 2017.


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