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Why wooden sash windows will enhance your home

Double Sash Windows
Elegant: Wooden Sash Windows are timeless. Image by Grigvovan.
Obviously, we would say so ourselves: there’s no better style of wooden windows than wooden sash windows. For houses dating from the Georgian and Victorian periods, they are a better option on two counts. Firstly, they offer better ventilation, which is good on warm summer days.


Secondly, they are more in keeping with the property. Standard issue PVC-U framed windows look out of place for obvious, architectural reasons. Built to last, sash windows are robust and, with wooden frames, breathable. Though you can also get PVC-U equivalents, the construction methods of our wooden framed windows are more environmentally friendly.

Why are sash windows popular?

As well as their durability, they are an elegant option. With your home, they enhance your interior and exterior. Though the most common windows open vertically, horizontally opening windows are also available. They are also known as Yorkshire Lights or Sliding Sash windows.

Where do Chartwell Wooden Windows come in?

With wood rather than PVC-U frames, we are able to do bespoke sizes. Unusual shapes can be made too. Being able to do non-standard sizes is our forte, which enables us to work with older properties.

To find out more…

Give us a call on 01798 815570 or send us an email to We shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Chartwell Wooden Windows, 23 May 2017.


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