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A look at the wood types used in wooden window and conservatory frames

Wooden framed windows wood types image
Image by Lutsenko Larissa (via Shutterstock).
1. Douglas Fir

Of the wood types, Douglas Fir is a softwood that is tougher than some hardwoods. In some cases, tougher than some hardwood types.

2. Accoya

Accoya is a specially treated softwood with an estimated working life span of sixty years. With additional weatherproofing, Accoya has insect repellent properties.

3. Oak

For period properties, oak is the most appropriate and favourite choice of all the wood types. It is by far the most famous hardwood type due to its hardwearing nature.

4. Baltic Redwood

The Baltic Redwood is attractive and durable. For sustainably managed forests, it is a popular timber variety due to its rapid growing properties.

5. Larch

As well as Baltic Redwood and Oak, Larch is a popular softwood timber type for wooden window frames. They are usually sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe.

6. Sapele

Sapele is a hardwood of West African origin, and a most durable one at that. It is a member of the mahogany family.

7. Cherrywood

Cherrywood is easy to machine and assemble. It is a medium strength wood resistant to heartwood decay, though its sapwood is prone to attack by common furniture beetles.

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