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Some useful tips on painting your wooden window frames

Painting wooden window frames image by Stockphoto-Graf (via Shutterstock).
Regular painting and coating of wooden window frames can enhance and protect them for years to come. Image by Stockphoto-Graf (via Shutterstock).
Once you’ve had your wooden windows fitted, the next thing you need to do is look after your window frames. For many people, wooden frames are seen as problematic because they rot. Only badly maintained window frames tend to rot. Therefore, a bit of painting or coating should be done every so often.


We at Chartwell Wooden Windows can help you, with our plain English guide to looking after your window frames. First the basics:

Before you begin, remove the catches and the stays to your wooden frames;
Add a temporary stay to your window. Do this by knocking a nail into the frame and placing the catch onto your temporary stay;
With medium grade abrasive paper, lightly sand over the paintwork. (If your frames are unpainted, please skip this section);
Brush off the dust and debris. Especially the corners.
Use a paint shield or cut some masking tape around each pane of glass (2mm away from the frame).

Start by painting the window frames with your choice of paint or coating;
Always check to avoid ‘runs’ – in other words, any bits of paint or coating that has touched the glass;
Finish by painting the windowsill. Leave to dry.
Most importantly…

Make sure your home and workspace is well ventilated. If you have any further queries, give us a call on 01798 815570. We shall be happy to help you. For instance, suggest suitable coatings and makes, like the Teknos ones we use.

Chartwell Wooden Windows, 28 June 2017.


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