When choosing to fit in new windows and door frames, there are many different aspects to take into consideration. Do you opt for wooden windows or PVCu instead? It’s not an easy task to weigh up the various advantages and disadvantages both types of window fittings can bring but here, at Chartered Wooden Windows, we’ve put together this handy infographic to show you why we believe that evidence clearly points to wooden windows being the choice which provides the most benefits.

Firstly, there are energy savings in terms of the financial gain since wooden windows retain the heat naturally, thanks to the wood being a great insulator of heat. Also, timber-based window frames are more environmentally-friendlier than their PVCu counterparts. Wooden windows are also easier to maintain or replace and can last a lifetime, if they are well cared for. It has been known through various studies conducted, that timberwindows can have a life expectancy of more than sixty years which is double that of a uPVC window!

Wooden Window Styles

Unlike with PVCu windows, there are lots of choices available when it comes to choosing your wood or finishing. You can get a really personalised look and feel from a wooden window depending on which wood you choose, whether it’s maple, mahogany or oak. Whats more, you can also choose how the wood is finished, from being carved, stained or painted. The overall effect can provide a stunning, eye catching view for your property or home.

According to data obtained from the FSC website, around 30% of the 12million windows sold within the UK are timber windows. They are used for the public and private sectors on new build and refurbishment projects. In summary, they are environmentally-friendly, efficient for retianing heat, great to look at and require lower maintenance as opposed to uPVC.

Wooden Windows Services

Here, at Chartered Wooden Windows, we have been specialising in manufacturing and installing wooden windows for many years. We cover West Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and Surrey as well as the London area. Our components conform to the highest industry standards and we always aim to preserve the overall look and feel of your building when carrying out any window installations. If you would like to know more about our window fitting services or see how we can help with your requirements, please call us now on 01798 815 570.

Wooden windows infographic

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