How a DIY approach towards wooden windows can be an attractive low cost option

DIY wooden windows image.

Taking the plunge: the DIY approach to making wooden windows could be good for unconventional sizes. Image by Alessandro Guerriero (via Shutterstock).

Many households prefer to have their windows installed by a company like us. As well as the convenience and guarantee periods, you know what to expect. Sometimes, the window sizes may be non-standard in comparison with standard size PVC-U and wooden windows. Going for a bespoke option may be expensive. What if you made your own window frames?

Though Chartwell Wooden Windows serve the whole of South East England from Kent to Hampshire, you might prefer to take a chance with your own designs. Especially if you’re able to put a workshop to good use. According to the Instructables website, it is possible to make your own double glazed windows. Their tutorial gives you a step-by-step instruction guide – which enables you to make your own window frames and add plate glass.

Instead of cutting your own wood window frames (as seen on the Instructables website), Champion Timber offer a viable alternative with pre-cut timber mouldings. These are available in differing lengths and, as a bricks and mortar retailer, they have timber depots in Kent and Sussex. If you prefer to buy your timber mouldings online, some companies offer a pack of mouldings for wooden windows. One site,, has painted and unpainted mouldings.

The perils of DIY wooden windows

Doing it yourself may be a cheap option, but going for the DIY option can be an expensive one if you don’t know what you are doing properly. Another purveyor of timber window products, Wessex Restoration, have published a useful blog post entitled The 8 Biggest DIY Mistakes You Can Make With Wooden Windows. Among the ones that make common sense are little things like measuring once and cutting twice. Another most obvious one, is cutting corners in the safety department.

To avoid spoiling one job and having to do the same one twice, you could leave your wooden windows to us. From Whitstable to Lymington, and Esher to Brighton, we can offer you a first class installation service. From a beach hut in Kent to a mansion in Hampshire, no job is too big or small for us. If you have any further queries, why not call us on 01798 815570? We shall contact you as soon as possible.

Chartwell Wooden Windows, 06 October 2016.

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