A look at how wooden window frames are made

Wooden window frames on patio doors. Image by DenisFilm (via Shutterstock).

Wooden window frames on a set of patio doors. Sadly, not one of our creations, but an image by DenisFilm (via Shutterstock).

We at Chartwell Wooden Windows have yet to show you how wooden window frames are made. For today’s post, we present a selection of video clips.

Making Traditional Wooden Window Frames

In this clip, we see how Harry Rogers makes traditional wooden window frames. At the start of the video, he makes wooden frames for his stained glass work at his workshop in Sevenoaks, Kent. Harry isn’t only a woodworker. He also makes leather belts and examples of his work can be seen on the Bucklehurst Leather website.

The Woodpecker Ep 48 Shop Window Frames

Alain Vaillancourt has a long-running series of YouTube videos under The Woodpecker name. He produces English and French language episodes with the former language taking the woodpecker name. In this clip, he makes wooden window frames for his workshop. You can also see his clips via his Google Plus page and his own website, as well as on YouTube.

uPVC or wood windows – which last longer?

To wrap up proceedings, we shall leave you with Dr. Gill Menzies of the Wood Window Alliance. In this clip, she states how today’s wooden window frames are more robust than counterparts made in the 1960s and 1970s. Furthermore, she states how the Victorian and Edwardian frames have stood the test of time. Was the lack of quality control in the ‘60s and ‘70s a conspiracy to boost PVC-U window sales? We think we should be told.

Chartwell Wooden Windows, 27 January 2017.

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