Are you looking at having wooden windows installed in your property and are based in Kent? Then Chartwell Wooden Windows are the perfect people to get in touch with. Wood windows in Kent, and in fact the rest of the UK have been under the radar in the recent years, it is only recently that the popularity has started to increase again. The reason for this is that they carry a number of factors which appeals to people.

Coming up to the colder months is a when the demand for wooden windows in Kent is at its peak. This is because having the windows fitted properly will keep the heat inside your home and as a bonus you will save money on your energy bills. It is vital to have experienced joiners like Chartwell to fit your windows.

The fact that saving money is a huge help, there are many other factors that come into place. The ability to choose from a range of designs is also important for a customer as they are not limited from what they can choose from. Whether you are looking for a more modernised wooden window or an old fashioned type, we can supply them all.

Generally they take a lot of work to maintain over time, which is why when you have had them installed you get to choose how to paint and gloss them so as to reduce the amount of time you have to maintain you wooden windows. You can see some examples in our Gallery.

Chartwell have been working around Kent for a long time, with great success. Our services are relatively well known in the area due to the quality of service and relationships with customers. Our main concern is to ensure the customers get what they want, the right design for them and the property.

We are also able to build conservatories in a variety of different styles and designs.

If any of our services or products appeal to you then do not hesitate to get in touch via phone or you can simply use the form on our contact page.

The areas Chartwell Wooden Windows cover are HampshireWest Sussex & Surrey.