Wooden window frames and their fringe benefits in providing passive solar gain

inside a wooden conservatory

Coupled with a Trombe wall, a wooden framed conservatory could work with a passive solar gain heating system.

A key to improved energy efficiency in your home is passive solar gain. You may have heard of the phrase in reference to Passivhaus standards. In a nutshell, it is a form of short wave radiation where winter sun could be used to ‘heat’ the house. In the summertime, the higher summer sun can be used to keep your house cool.

To make the best of passive solar gain, the position and size of your windows have a great effect. Likewise with types of glazing, thermal insulation and thermal mass. This is true with shading. Where passive solar gain can be a benefit is in conservatory design. Chartwell Wooden Windows are well placed in this department.

Wooden windows and Trombe walls

Another key to its effectiveness is the use of a Trombe Wall. This uses a combination of thermal mass and glazing to convert and store radiation into heating. The Trombe Wall’s heat giving properties come into their own at night time when the stored thermal heat warms the room. With a wooden framed conservatory facing south, you could also harness the benefits of passive solar gain as well as adding space to your home.

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Chartwell Wooden Windows, 25 January 2017.

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