The Pros and Cons of Wooden Windows

A lot of people assume that the only way to go these days is to choose the very modern PVC framed windows, as a way of ensuring that their windows are secure, double glazed, insulated and add value to their home, however, this is not necessarily the case.

There are other options and wooden windows are an equally appealing option for those with more traditional tastes of a more period property. If you are considering choosing wooden windows over PVC, it’s important to weight up the pros and cons of wooden windows; here are just a few:


  • Wood windows are great for older properties as they can add a lot of character and appeal to the house, as well as ensuring that the windows fit in with the period of the house.
  • As with all other kinds of new windows, it immediately adds value to your home, as new windows are a highly desirable aspect of a home when buying or renting.
  • They can be just as, if not more, flexible in design, and you can still get single hung, double hung, casement and awning style windows when using wood. They also still come double glazed so can be just as effective as modern material ones.
  • Wood is great for keeping noise out and is more energy efficient than other materials for windows such as the aluminium ones, or some kinds of PVC. The vacuum of space that is in between the inside and the outside panes of glass is often greater on a wood window, which means that heat is kept in and cold kept out, which increases energy efficiency and decreases fuel bills.


  • Wood is often a more expensive material than aluminium or PVC windows are when they are of good quality.
  • They are higher maintenance, as the outside wood needs regular painting to stay looking good.
  • It might be harder to find a good company that can provide your preferred kind of window in both the wood that you want and double glazed glass.
  • Glass replacements on some kinds of wooden windows are not feasible so you might need to replace the whole window instead, or choose carefully to ensure that you can get a replacement.

Chartwell Wooden Windows
, 21 October 2016.

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