Out of PVC-U or wooden frame conservatories which of the two types are better?

Wooden Conservatories Arundel

Wooden frame conservatories can add character to your home. Can PVC-U equivalents do the same?

Alongside wooden windows, the type of window frames used in your conservatory can be a burning issue. Wooden frames have their followers (which includes us), as do those who prefer PVC-U frames. The aesthetics and stability of the two kinds of conservatory may be similarly matched. Are they?

With PVC-U framed conservatories, the popular perception is that of white PVC-U window frames. That of a clean, maintenance-free look; repetitive yet dependable. For many people they are a popular option, but not the most environmentally friendly one due to their production methods. Today’s PVC-U window frames also offer wooden foil effects which look like hardwood.

Wooden frame conservatories are the real deal in terms of stability and aesthetics. For a start, the difference between real wood and wooden foil remains apparent to this day. The conservatory has breathable materials. Functionally, they can be similar to their PVC-U equivalents. As we know ourselves, the production methods are environmentally friendly, so long as the timber comes from sustainable sources.

Both PVC-U and wooden frame conservatories are as robust as each other. Today’s wooden frame conservatories can last – or outlast – their PVC-U equivalents. With today’s creature comforts like double glazing, they can give the PVC-U ones a run for their money.

As for maintenance, both types of conservatories need a degree of maintenance. Wooden framed ones need to be coated against the elements. PVC-U conservatories need cleaning too.

Where PVC-U conservatories are inferior to their wooden frame counterparts is flexibility. If you’ve seen the former variety of window frame on a curved window, “screeching nails on a chalkboard” springs to mind. A wooden frame can allow for smooth curves whereas PVC-U lacks the flexibility. The effect is jagged.

For flexibility and stability, there’s really no contest. This is our raison d’etre.

Chartwell Wooden Windows, 14 March 2017.

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