How to enjoy one of our wooden framed conservatories

inside one of our wooden framed conservatories

A Room With A View: our wooden framed conservatories add style.

Summertime is looming. It is almost conservatory and barbecue weather; here’s to relaxing and enjoying the longer days. Your enjoyment of the summer months can be enhanced by one of our wooden framed conservatories.

The average conservatory has gone beyond seasonal use. With suitable heating and insulation, they are suitable for use all year round. Not only as a garden room, but also as a worthwhile extension to your home. They also add value to your home.

To make the best use of your Chartwell crafted wooden framed conservatories, here’s a few ideas.
1. As a dining space
Why not eat in full view of your garden? Your lawn or topiary, or garden birds, could be a talking point as well as offering an interesting view.
2. For entertaining guests
One of our wooden framed conservatories can be a good space for dinner parties, cocktails, or celebrating family birthdays.
3. As a sanctuary
If you fancy stepping away from the lounge or wish to watch the world go by, one of our conservatories enable you to do just that.
4. Your conservatory as an artist’s studio…
With natural light coming into your conservatory, our wooden framed conservatories make for a good studio if you dabble in fine art.
5. …or as a rehearsal space
If you wish to practice your piano playing (well, other musical instruments are available), your conservatory could be a good space for rehearsal.
6. As an extension to your living room
If you have a big family or wish to add space to your home, you could use a conservatory to boost your living room.

We hope the above ideas have inspired you to make the best use of your conservatory. If you have any more ideas, why not share them on our blog?

Chartwell Wooden Windows, 04 May 2017.

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