Sustainable Sources

Trees are critical to the survival of life on Earth. Their wood is also, unfortunately, vital to the construction of houses for people to live in. That’s where sustainable forestry comes in.

We use West African Sapele hard wood and Scandinavian Redwood vacuum treated pine to build our window frames. Both types of wood are sourced from managed forests, where the trees cut down are replaced by new trees. These trees are left to grow until they are needed for wood in the future. This method creates a sustainable forest, where the oxygen released by the forest isn’t affected by the forestry.

Environmental Impact

The carbon footprint, wasted energy and pollution is smaller when producing a wooden window from a sustainable, managed forest than a standard UPVC window. Sustainable sources mean we don’t have loose our forests for the use of the wood, as there is no net loss of trees.

How does this benefit me?

Lower fuel bills, peace and quiet and peace of mind can be yours, knowing that our windows haven’t had a detrimental effect on the environment.

We are members of the IWA and a FENSA registered company.