What is a Sustainable Forest?

A managed forest or sustainable forest as it is commonly known is essentially a forest that is privately managed and maintained so that when trees are cut down for materials they are replaced by younger trees which over the years will mature, thus replacing the original cut down tree. The system used for a sustainable forest is precise and efficient to ensure the numbers are kept.

It is mainly a working environment as the materials are used daily by a wide range of industries for objects such as paper, cards, cardboard and construction projects. These forests are no different to the natural forests other than they are carefully managed and maintained. They still contain wildlife, which strict safety measures are put in place to ensure the wildlife are safe and protected.

As well as the measures are put in place to protect the wildlife in the sustainable forests, they are also implemented to help preserve the natural environment which will help the forest thrive. These forests were created in order to provide materials to a wide array of industries but to also keep our natural forests in existence.

What Can You Find in a Sustainable Forest?

In the average managed forest you will find a range of different types and sizes of trees. This is to ensure that there is a wide choice of timber available for purchasing. The larger more mature trees are cut down (felled is the industry term) and sent to the saw mill for processing and distributing. These are replaced by seedlings which are then specially maintained by experts in seedling biology to ensure a full natural growth. As the growth process of the seedlings is how it would normally happen in the wild, this ensures you get nothing but high quality timber.

In mainly Scandinavian countries, managed forests also serve as a tourist attraction for hikers and walkers due to the look of the natural environment and wildlife.

As mentioned on our sustainable sources page, the timber Chartwell Wooden Windows use for our window frames originally come from one of these managed forests which means each one of our projects carried out hasn’t had a damaging effect on the environment.

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