Why Chartwell’s Wooden Windows only use Teknos’ paint products

inside a wooden conservatory

Behind every good wooden window frame (or on top of each frame, if you prefer), is a durable coat of paint or staining. Without paint or varnish, our window frames would decay. We at Chartwell Wooden Windows are fans of Teknos’ paint, due to the finish, its variety, and colours. They offer such a wide range of products for our window frames, doors, and conservatories.

Who are Teknos?

Teknos were formed in 1948 as Teknos-Tehtaat-Oy in Tuomarila, Finland, in a leased hen house. They are one of Finland’s largest family-run businesses, formed and owned to this day by the Kiikan family. Over their sixty-eight years of trading, they expanded throughout mainland Europe. In 1996, their products reached the UK, after taking a majority stake in English European Coatings Ltd. A trail of acquisitions led to the business’ growth in the last 30 years.

Thanks in part to their stability and consistency, they have become our first choice for varnish and paint. They have seven different colour collections:

  • GBI;
  • Forest Inspirations;
  • Parkland and Lodge;
  • Nature’s Eight;
  • Gardens and Gables;
  • Colour Collection;
  • Timber Trends.

The GBI range are water-based coatings, designed for exterior timbers. They are microporous paints that use resin systems. Forest Inspirations, as the name suggests, is inspired by forest and woodland environments. Each coating is translucent and designed for interior and exterior use. Their Parkland and Lodge collection is designed for wooden buildings (and is probably suitable for our conservatories).These are semi-opaque coatings.

Nature’s Eight is the company’s eight most suitable shades for natural staining effects. This has a base stain and a top coat effect. As the name suggests, Gardens and Gables is designed for exterior use. They use Woodex Aqua Wood Oil to prevent moisture.

Their Colour Collection has an awe-inspiring range of 769 opaque colours. The seventh colour collection is their Timber Trends range. These are formulated for our industry’s key timber varieties.

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If you wondered why our wooden windows look the part, it is thanks to a family owned business in Finland which outgrew a chicken shed 68 years ago. Long may they continue.

Chartwell Wooden Windows, 04 November 2016.

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