Find out why Chartwell favour wooden framed conservatories

Wooden framed conservatories.

The Mark of Quality: one of our completed wooden framed conservatories.

Summer’s on its way! The joys of longer days, warmer weather, and lying in the sun are just a few days off. If the beach is out of reach, there’s always the garden. Blissful, vibrant and tranquil. Sometimes, especially on these shores, a drop of rain could disrupt your peace. Thank the world for conservatories! We at Chartwell Wooden Windows, owing to years of experience with wooden framed double glazed windows, also offer wooden framed conservatories.

We can offer wooden framed conservatories in a variety of styles whether your taste in architecture is Victorian or Modernist. Wooden frames, properly treated and fitted by experts like us can last for several years. They can outlast their PVC-U equivalents.

Any of our wooden framed conservatories are made to suit your requirements. Each and every one of them blends in with your surroundings. As standard, they are constructed with a brick base which makes for a stable yet aesthetically pleasing look.

We are also flexible in terms of roofing styles. Whether you prefer a flat roof, a lean-to roof, hip roof, or hexagonal roof, we can deliver the goods.

When you’re investing in a major project designed to add value to your home, you expect the best. The very best. First time around. You can count on us for excellent quality work, professional service, and competitive prices. Our gallery page includes a few examples which may be an inspiration to you.

What’s more, Chartwell’s wooden framed conservatories are designed for all round use. Whether scorching or snowing, they add space and natural light to your home.

If you have any further queries or want a free no-obligation quote, why not give us a bell on 01798 815570, or send us an email to Whatever way you choose, we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Chartwell Wooden Windows, 03 June 2016.

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