Some handy hints for cleaning your wooden window frame

Wooden Double Glazing image by AVN Photo Lab

Wooden Windows by AVN Photo Lab

Spring is on its way. As soon as we see the first daffodils and gamboling lambs in the fields, our thoughts turn to the chamois leather or vacuum cleaner. This attention to detail should also cover your wooden frame as well as the floor. So much so that we at Chartwell have come up with some handy hints to spring clean your wooden window frame.

How to clean a wooden window frame in excellent condition

This is straightforward. All you need to is wash the window frame with a bucket of soapy water. Any brand of washing up liquid should do, then wipe your sills and frames with a soft wet cloth or a sponge. To finish, wipe with a dry soft cloth.

How to clean a wooden window frame in poor condition

Before you commence, we recommend brushing off any loose paint. Once you have done that, add some fresh paint to your frames. After the paint has dried, you can then clean your window frame the same way as one in perfect condition (as seen in the previous point above).

How to remove mildew from a window frame

Mildew are black and grey spots that appear on any PVC-U or wooden window frame in moist environments. To remove mildew, use 56ml of household bleach and 28ml of detergent powder (the own brand will do just as well as the market leader). These should be poured into 945ml of water.

When applying the solution with a sponge, please note that gloves should be worn at all times. After you have done that, leave it to stand for ten minutes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Chartwell Wooden Windows, 08 March 2017.

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