Why wooden framed windows make architectural sense

Wooden framed windows by LutsenkoLarissa (via Shutterstock).

Imagine if these windows had PVC-U frames? For your benefit, we shan’t elaborate on this notion. Image by LutsenkoLarissa (via Shutterstock).

You wouldn’t drink champagne out of a plastic glass. Nor would you eat Whitstable’s finest oysters on a paper plate in polite company. One thing that gets on our wick at Chartwell Wooden Windows is how many historic buildings are defaced by unsympathetic windows. In other words, how a set of PVC-U windows would look hideous in an historic farmhouse. Wooden framed windows are better on most listed buildings, because they are in keeping with the era.

Quoting from the Lewes District Council website:

“Windows have a significant impact on the character and appearance of a building, through their arrangement, size and detailing. They are an important element of the design of a building, give information about its origins and development, and are of real importance to the character and appearance of historic buildings, particularly those that are listed or situated within a conservation area.”

For many households, PVC-U is a popular option, due to their perception of low maintenance. Unlike wooden framed windows, we think their longevity is the stuff of hyperbole. For many, it is the modernity of window locks and their clean frames which wow customers. Which is great if you live in an identikit housing estate with few historical references other than the street names. Imagine if you had PVC-U windows in the conservation area of Lewes town centre. Its appeal will be diminished with every ounce of quaintness sapped by plastic frames.

Oh, and don’t get us started on the use of PVC-U windows on Art Deco housing. Especially where the distinctive curved Crittall windows have been replaced by PVC-U. They destroy the curved effect the window frames once had.

Why our wooden framed windows are unique

Some suppliers and installers of wooden framed windows only offer a selection of sizes and are mass produced. Chartwell’s wooden framed windows are bespoke, allowing us to manufacture windows for any home. Whether 12 inches or 12 feet across, in many cases, no two windows are ever the same. That is something we are proud of, enabling us to offer a truly personalised service.

As life is too short for ill-fitting windows, why not give us a call on 01798 815570 for a free no-obligation quote? We shall be delighted to help you.

Chartwell Wooden Windows, 10 December 2016.

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