All your myths about wooden window frames debunked

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Myths Debunked: wooden framed windows, as photographed by Albert Pego (via Shutterstock).


Since our formation, we have heard many a myth about wooden window frames. Some people think wooden frames are the spawn of Satan, due to the fact they are prone to rotting. Others – our company included – swear by them for their environmental credentials and aesthetic value. In our latest blog post, we at Chartwell are about to dispel a few myths.

Myth #1: Wooden Window Frames Are Expensive

An article in the Eastbourne Herald stated how Darren Weir, head of the Eastbourne Hospitality Association attacked Eastbourne Borough Council’s planning department over wooden windows. As well as lambasting them for “having outdated views”, he cited how one hotelier had plans to replace wooden windows with PVC-U windows rejected.

The council has a point on aesthetic grounds. Part of Eastbourne’s appeal is the unspoilt nature of its promenade, from the pier to its iconic bandstand and the Carpet Gardens. PVC-U windows would devalue the looks of its Victorian buildings. At the point of purchase, wooden framed windows are more expensive than PVC-U counterparts. In the long term, they are cheaper as they last three times as long.

Myth #2: Wooden Windows Are Prone To Rotting

This perpetuates another one of our window-based myths: that PVC-U frames are the wunderkind of the glazing industry. The miracle cure. A lot of that is down to the power of television and print media. Whether wooden, aluminium or PVC-U, all poorly maintained window frames are subject to some form of rotting. Sometimes, PVC-U frames could leak; condensation is possible as with other frames.

Myth #3: They Put Off Potential Homeowners

A survey from GoCompare had wooden window frames as the fourteenth most loathsome feature of any home. This is placed above avocado bathroom suites, outdated kitchens, and artexed ceilings. Once again, maintenance is responsible for the myths. We think a well-maintained set of wooden windows has better aesthetic value in period properties than PVC-U counterparts. If you’re purchasing a country cottage or an Art Deco style house, wooden or aluminium framed windows are a better match.

Myth #4: Double Glazed Windows Only Have PVC-U or Aluminium Frames

Of all the wooden window myths, this is the biggest myth of all myths. This takes the cake as we have sold wooden framed double glazed windows for some time. Plus this confuses a lot of people. Even Everest – the company that has done more to popularise double glazing than many others – offers wooden framed windows.

Whether you opt for wooden windows or any other type of frame is a matter of personal preference. You might prefer PVC-U frames due to their perceived “fix-it and forget it” nature, or the fact there’s no need for paint or varnish. On environmental grounds and long-term costs, a well-maintained set of wooden framed windows is a better bet.

Chartwell Wooden Windows, 21 July 2016.

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